Latest 4D Results Live! GD Lotto (Live at 7:00PM)

Grand Dragon Lottery, often abbreviated as GDLotto, is Asia's first and most extensive live 4 Digits (4D) lottery operator. GDLotto, as the leader in Asia's Lottery service, is dedicated to providing Cambodians with the fairest and safest live lottery game! We exist to improve lives and provide everyone with an opportunity to realise their ambitions. Our games are exciting and engaging, and we strive to keep the welfare of our players, exceptional performance, and integrity in our genes.

We at GDLotto are dedicated to developing the most fantastic live 4D lottery service for our Asian players. Every individual result is initiated immediately and publicly from our primary casino lobby to ensure our gaming obligations, and it's visible to everybody who visits our casino resort or just turns on your smart device to view our live broadcasting results drawing.

GDLotto is looking into every potential for more new and creative ways to modernise the convention lottery industry to meet the increased need for entertainment to alter people's lives!

GDLotto - 4D Live Results